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Week At a Glance for Tutorials

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

8:30-17:00 Full day

15 Judging Use Case Quality: Patterns for Writing Effective Use Cases Convention Ctr - Room 205A
16 Concepts of Object-Oriented ProgrammingConvention Ctr - Room 303A
17 Programmer's Dozen: Thirteen Recommendations for Refactoring, Repairing, and Regaining Control of Your CodeConvention Ctr - Room 303B
18 An Introduction to Software Product LinesConvention Ctr - Room 303C
19 Automated Software Testing: Hands On and Interactive!Convention Ctr - Room 303D
34 Developing Java Applications for Small Devices Using EclipseConvention Ctr - Room 204C
35 Essential Object-Oriented Analysis and DesignConvention Ctr - Room 303A
36 Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: Patterns for Concurrent and Networked ObjectsConvention Ctr - Room 303B
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8:30-12:00 Morning

1 Scrum and Agile Process 101Convention Ctr - Room 202A
2 Introduction to Concurrent Programming in JavaConvention Ctr - Room 202B
3 Domain Analysis for Product-Line ArchitecturesConvention Ctr - Room 203A
4 Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJConvention Ctr - Room 203B
5 Evolutionary DesignConvention Ctr - Room 204A
6 Eclipse Extensions—Making the ConnectionsConvention Ctr - Room 204B
7 Programming Internet-Scale Distributed Applications in the 21st Century: BPEL and Beyond Convention Ctr - Room 204C
20 The C# Programming LanguageConvention Ctr - Room 204A
22 Garbage CollectionConvention Ctr - Room 202B
23 Beyond the Gang of FourConvention Ctr - Room 203A
24 Patterns of Enterprise Application ArchitectureConvention Ctr - Room 204B
25 Agile Requirements SpecificationConvention Ctr - Room 203B
26 Patterns for High Performance SystemsConvention Ctr - Room 205A
29 Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages: Types and Language DesignConvention Ctr - Room 202A
- - 53 Legacy: The Other Kind of InheritanceConvention Ctr - Room 204A
54 Running Agile Software Development Projects with RUPConvention Ctr - Room 202A
55 J2EE in Practice: Architectural Variations in the Context of Enterprise SystemsConvention Ctr - Room 202B
56 Model-Driven ArchitectureConvention Ctr - Room 204B
57 Test-Driven Development Workout: Building Java MuscleConvention Ctr - Room 203A
58 Object-Oriented Modelling with UMLConvention Ctr - Room 204C

13:30-17:00 Afternoon

8 Patterns @ WorkConvention Ctr - Room 202A
9 Java Concurrency Utilities: Tools for Managing Multi-threadingConvention Ctr - Room 202B
10 Advanced Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJConvention Ctr - Room 203B
11 Performance Solutions: Solving Performance Problems Quickly and EffectivelyConvention Ctr - Room 203A
12 Successful Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures: Beyond the HypeConvention Ctr - Room 204A
13 Large-Scale Agile Software DevelopmentConvention Ctr - Room 204B
14 An Introduction to the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) Convention Ctr - Room 204C
27 Java ReflectionConvention Ctr - Room 202A
28 Enterprise Integration PatternsConvention Ctr - Room 202B
30 Large-Scale Software Architecture: A Practical Guide Using UMLConvention Ctr - Room 203B
31 Technical Leadership In PracticeConvention Ctr - Room 204A
32 Domain-Driven DesignConvention Ctr - Room 204B
33 From Component Reuse to Asset-Based Software EngineeringConvention Ctr - Room 205A
42 Agile Use CasesConvention Ctr - Room 203A
21 Feature Oriented Programming and Product-LinesConvention Ctr - Room 204A
37 Dungeons and Patterns!Convention Ctr - Room 204B
38 Project Retrospectives in Agile DevelopmentConvention Ctr - Room 202A
39 Enterprise Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJConvention Ctr - Room 204C
40 An Overview of UML 2.0Convention Ctr - Room 202B
41 C++ Threading: A Generic-Programming ApproachConvention Ctr - Room 203A
43 Program Generation: Concepts and TechniquesConvention Ctr - Room 203B
44 Notes on the Forgotten Art of Software ArchitectureConvention Ctr - Room 204A
45 Test-Driven Development with "fit", the Framework for Integrated TestConvention Ctr - Room 202A
46 Object-Oriented Reengineering: Patterns & TechniquesConvention Ctr - Room 202B
47 Enterprise Application Integration with J2EE and .NETConvention Ctr - Room 203A
48 Guided Inspection of UML ModelsConvention Ctr - Room 203B
49 Extending Enterprise Systems with Mobile/Wireless ApplicationsConvention Ctr - Room 303C
50 Understanding Circa-2003 XML TechnologiesConvention Ctr - Room 204B
51 Designing Reliable CollaborationsConvention Ctr - Room 303D
52 Agile Database Techniques: Data Doesn't Have To Be A Four Letter Word AnymoreConvention Ctr - Room 204C