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26 Patterns for High Performance Systems

Monday, 27 October – 8:30-12:00 Morning

Robert Hanmer, Lucent Technologies, hanmer@lucent.com

Good performance, reliability, and maintainability are designed into software. The tutorial presents a guided tour through existing, industry-tested patterns that aid in the design of high performance, real-time, distributed and embedded systems, using a telecommunications system to structure the tour. The tour highlights various collections of patterns, as well as their sources -- books, conference notes and websites. Our objective is to make participants aware of these valuable resources that can greatly simplify their design work. By reusing a proven solution to frequently occurring problems, their efforts can be focused on the truly new portions of their design.

Attendee background

Prerequisites: Attendees should have a basic understanding of what a pattern is. No prior knowledge in any specific domain is expected. Attendees will gain the most from the tutorial if they have considered the general performance and reliability constraints with which they most frequently work.




Robert Hanmer is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff in the Convergence Solutions R&D organization of Lucent Technologies. He began working with patterns in 1995, capturing the patterns of a large telephone switching system and also of telecommunications systems in general. He has served as Program Chair at several PLoP conferences. He is active in the Hillside Group, as well as the TelePLoP group, which is an informal collection of pattern advocates and authors interested in the field of telecommunications. He has authored many patterns that discuss key solutions for high performance systems.