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10 Advanced Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ

Sunday, 26 October – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon

Erik Hilsdale, PARC, hilsdale@parc.com
Jim Hugunin, PARC, hugunin@parc.com

This tutorial will provide involved hands-on programming exercises that both use some of AspectJ's advanced features, and feature AspectJ used in advanced contexts. We will show how AspectJ can be used to solve problems in instrumentation (including logging), testing, quality management, and feature management. In addition, advanced parts of the AspectJ design and implementation will be introduced, along with discussions of possible future features. Exercises will use the core AspectJ tools and IDEs.

AspectJ is freely available at http://eclipse.org/aspectj.

Attendee background

Prerequisites: Knowledge of Java and some familiarity and experience with AspectJ, equivalent to the material covered in tutorial 4.


Lecture and hands-on exercises


Erik Hilsdale is a researcher at the Palo Alto Research Center. As a member of the AspectJ team, he concentrated on language design, pedagogy and compiler implementation. He has written several conference and workshop publications in programming languages. He is an experienced and energetic instructor in programming languages and has a long history with AspectJ.

Jim Hugunin is a researcher at the Palo Alto Research Center. He built the first Java-based AspectJ compiler and led the subsequent implementation work up to a 1.1 release of the compiler and core tools. He also played a major role in the design of the AspectJ language. Prior to joining the AspectJ team, he designed and implemented JPython/Jython, a widely used implementation of the Python language for the Java platform.