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28 Enterprise Integration Patterns

Monday, 27 October – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon

Bobby Woolf, Independent Consultant, woolf@acm.org
Gregor Hohpe, ThoughtWorks, Inc., gregor@hohpe.com

It's no longer enough to be able to develop fantastic applications; now they have to be able to coordinate with each other as well. Whether your sales application must interface with your inventory application, your procurement application must integrate with an auction site, or your PDAs PIM must synchronize with the corporate calendar server, just about any application can be made better by integrating it with other applications. Customers expect an integrated, single-application experience, regardless of how internal functionality may be split across applications, so applications must be integrated.

This tutorial will teach you how to use messaging to integrate applications effectively by presenting a set of patterns--best practices that have been proven over time in a variety of integration projects. These patterns will teach you how to use message-based communication successfully.

This tutorial is based on technology-agnostic patterns and applies to a variety of messaging technologies, ranging from the Java Message Service (JMS) API in J2EE, and the System.Messaging namespace in Microsoft .NET, to enterprise application integration (EAI) and middleware products from vendors such as IBM, TIBCO, WebMethods, SeeBeyond, Vitria and others.

Attendee background

This tutorial is intended for enterprise application architects, designers, and developers who have basic familiarity with messaging tools and technologies, but wish to learn how best to use messaging to achieve enterprise application integration, and wish to be able to better communicate about these issues.

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with messaging tools and technologies.




Bobby Woolf has been developing multi-tier object-oriented business applications for thirteen years using Java/J2EE, Smalltalk, and embedded systems for messaging, workflow, business rules, and persistence. One of his specialties is developing architectures that integrate workflow, EJB, and JMS. He has presented tutorials at OOPSLA and JavaEdge, published articles in Java Developer's Journal and on the DeveloperWorks web site, published patterns in all of the PLoPD books, and is a co-author of The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion. He is also a co-author of the upcoming book "Enterprise Integration Patterns" from Addison-Wesley.

Gregor Hohpe leads the Enterprise Integration Services competency at ThoughtWorks, Inc., a provider of application development and integration services. Over the past years, he has been helping clients around the globe design and implement enterprise integration solutions. His current work focuses on the application of agile methods and design patterns to the development of integration solutions. Gregor is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and has published a number of articles presenting a no-hype view on enterprise integration, Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures. He is a co-author of the upcoming book "Enterprise Integration Patterns."