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57 Test-Driven Development Workout: Building Java Muscle

Thursday, 30 October – 8:30-12:00 Morning

William Wake, Software Coach, William.Wake@acm.org
Steve Metsker, Reader, Thinker, Writer, and Teacher, Steve.Metsker@acm.org

Programming skills are back in style!

Test-driven development is based on a cycle of testing, coding, and refactoring. The meat of this session is a real-time workout where you explore and exercise your skills in techniques that build rippling muscles for Java developers.

Whether you want to become a bodybuilding champion or a top-drawer developer, choice of regimen is critical. For developers, writing the tests first changes the way you design, improves the quality of your code, and guarantees your code is testable.

Like a bodybuilder's high-protein diet, refactoring shows you how to take code that merely works, and turn it into lean, easy-to-understand code that you'll be proud of.

This tutorial cranks up the workout intensity with pair programming (a form of spotting), a contest, and prizes, all designed to maximize your sweat equity in building your Java muscle.

This class is for Java programmers only. Bring a laptop if you can, with a Java environment and JUnit installed and working. If you don't have a laptop, that's cool--we'll pair you with someone who does. Either way, please contact William.Wake@acm.org and tell him whether you're pumping your own iron or need to share.

Attendee background

Prerequisites: Attendees must be able to program in Java.


Lecture and hands-on exercises with partners


William Wake is an independent consultant interested in agile methods, patterns, and human-computer interaction. He is the author of "Extreme Programming Explored" and the "Refactoring Workbook."

Steve Metsker is a researcher and author who explores and writes about ways to expand the abilities of developers. Steve is the author of "Building Parsers in Java," "Design Patterns Java Workbook," and the forthcoming "Design Patterns C# Workbook."