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T47: Programming Mobile Devices: An Introduction

T47: Programming Mobile Devices: An Introduction

Thursday, Oct 26, from 08:30 to 12:00

Mobile devices are an exciting, emerging environment for composing programs. However, while a number of books have been written on the topic, they mostly focus on programming on a particular platform. For practical purposes, however, it is much more important to learn the core basics, which in the case of mobile devices programming includes understanding of restrictions of battery-powered, low-performance hardware with a wireless cell-phone connection. This tutorial is intended as an introduction on such topics for programmers that already have experience on composing programs in other domains, and wish to learn about programming mobile devices. The tutorial contains an introduction to the topic, and a discussion on three most important restrictions of mobile devices: Memory, resources, and networking.

Introductory:  Programmers who have not implemented systems on mobile devices but wish to learn to do so.

Goals: To introduce the basic "theory" of mobile devices programming.

Format: Lecturing and showing examples; it would be great to have participants code, but this is most likely impossible due to tool environment installations and availability actual devices that match with the tools.

Tommi Mikkonen, Tampere U of Tech: Tommi Mikkonen is a professor of distributed systems. During the last years, he has been giving a class on mobile devices programming to a number of students of several different universities in Finland via different distribution mechanisms. Moreover, the class has been given to a number of teachers in different universities globally. Currently, the class has been renewed into a form that I believe will be seminal work for a commonly accepted practise of mobile devices programming.

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program registration submissions committee lodging portland
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