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T45: Storytelling with FIT

T45: Storytelling with FIT

Thursday, Oct 26, from 08:30 to 12:00

This tutorial is about how to write acceptance tests that are meaningful, focussed, and understandable. On an Agile project, the acceptance test suite is the medium that bridges between the technical and business members of the team to ensure that the right functionality is delivered. The tests must be clear and understandable by both sides, which implies building a common language within the team. This is the motivation for the FIT framework, and our workshop focusses on the communication aspects of writing acceptance tests. We will not be implementing or running any code.

Intermediate:  This tutorial is intended for anyone involved in describing requirements. No experience is required. We have also found that the tutorial helps people with intermediate experience of FIT.

Goals: The tutorial is designed to: motivate readable acceptance tests (as specifications); show the importance of declarative style testing vs. procedural testing; provide experience in growing an acceptance test language; pass on our experience of using FIT for acceptance testing on multiple projects.

Format: Presentations to introduce FIT and our experience with it. Group exercises to experience the issues of effective communication.

Steve Freeman, M3p: Steve Freeman is an independent software consultant. A pioneer of XP in the UK, Steve once led the largest XP team in the country. He chaired the first London XpDay, and has presented and been track chair at many of the international Agile conferences. Previously, he has worked in research labs (Xerox and Digital), software houses, consultancies, and has written shrink-wrap packages for IBM. Steve has degrees in Statistics and Music, and PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Mike Hill, Mandu: Mike Hill is an independent consultant, developing and coaching on Agile projects. Mike began his professional career back in 1993, with Logica. Since 2002, he has been enjoying working with Agile/XP teams at Kizoom and Thoughtworks. Mike has a Maths degree and an Msc in Fluid Mechanics.

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program registration submissions committee lodging portland
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