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The Convergence of XP and SCRUM

The Convergence of XP and SCRUM

Thursday, Oct 26, from 10:30 to 12:00


  • Steven Fraser, QUALCOMM
  • Linda Rising, Consultant
  • Dave Thomas, Bedarra
  • Joshua Kerievsky, Industrial Logic
  • Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology
  • Granville G. Miller, Microsoft Corporation
  • Jutta Eckstein, Objects in Action 

Agile software development practices including XP and SCRUM have risen to prominence within the software engineering community over the past ten years. XP is a collection of software best-practices that has found application within the context of rapidly changing require­ments while SCRUM is a management and control process to build software that satisfies business requirements.. This fishbowl will offer a crucible for discussion and debate on how SCRUM and XP are being brought together to support an end-to-end agile software development process.

Are agile software development practices converging?  Are practices becoming more integrated and/or more widely adopted than others? In the early 90s there was a convergence of object-oriented design methodologies – is a similar pattern being repeated within the agile software development community? Several years ago conferences featured debates on the number of practices inherent to XP – or for that matter what constituted XP. Is the Agile community on the verge of converging to standardi­zation or do individual practices retain their individually and evangelists/disciples? Perhaps the question should be: "How are different Agile methods coalescing?" (rather than converging) – in that some methods complement each other – for example XP and SCRUM. Come and share your perspectives and experiences on the nature and results (customer engagement, coaching, methods, processes, project management, certification…) of agile conver­gence.



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program registration submissions committee lodging portland
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