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T55: Agility, for Managers, Programmers, and All

T55: Agility, for Managers, Programmers, and All

Thursday, Oct 26, from 13:30 to 17:00

Agile development stems from an attitude giving priority to communication efficiency, feedback and reflective improvement. This attitude improves process efficiency and maneuverability with respect to changing culture, technology and requirements. A warning, however: having the agile attitude does not yet make for a successful project. This workshop, based on the award-winning book Agile Software Development, is a three-hour mixture of lecture, exercises, and discussion. The purpose of these three hours is to give attendees a sense for how it feels to be doing agile versus non-agile development and a way to talk about key issues. Needless to say, in three hours the attendee will only see the first steps of the journey, but should come away with some of the crucial sensations and central ideas.

Introductory:  Anyone curious about agile development. The tutorial connects all aspects and all stakeholders in a project.

Goals: To provide an introductory sensation of agile / non-agile development plus a way to talk about the issues.

Format: Lecture, discussion, exercise

Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology: Dr. Cockburn helped write both the Agile Software Development Manifesto and its addendum, the Declaration of Interdependence, and the award-winning book "Agile Software Development". He is also known as the author of the definitive work on use cases ("Writing Effective Use Cases"), as the creator of the Crystal family of methodologies; and for the management strategies he has collected from projects around the world. His philosophy is: "Computers must support the way in which people naturally and comfortably work. This is needed both for personal job satisfaction and for corporate survival." Many of his materials are online at

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program registration submissions committee lodging portland
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