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6 Second International Workshop on Agent-oriented methodologies

Sunday, 26 October – 8:30-17:00 Full day

Paolo Bresciani, ITC-Irst (Italy), brescian@itc.it
John Debenham, University of Technology, Sydney (Australia), debenham@it.uts.edu.au
Paolo Giorgini, University of Trento (Italy), pgiorgio@science.unitn.it
Ian Gorton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA), ian.gorton@pnl.gov

Following the success of object technology, the next advance is likely to be the introduction, adoption and widespread use of agent technology for business applications. Agents, building as they do in part on objects, require careful design. Appropriate methodologies for constructing agent-oriented systems may rely to some degree on OO methodologies, but their distinct autonomy of an agent means that these agent-oriented processes cannot be as deterministic as they have been in object-oriented developments. Support for emergent processes is required as well as further modifications to existing OO processes.

The overall goal of the workshop is to consolidate a research agenda for the next five years that will enable agent-oriented methodologies to become of "commercial strength" and to be widely adopted by industry.