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Panel: Reuse Repositories and Reuse—The Realities

Thursday, 30 October – 10:30-12:00

This session starts with a photo-essay on components, reuse, value, and beauty, and concludes with a panel on libraries, repositories, and reuse.

Without a Name: A Reusable Component Repository

Robert Biddle, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, robert@mcs.vuw.ac.nz
Angela Martin, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, angela@mcs.vuw.ac.nz
James Noble, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, kjx@mcs.vuw.ac.nz

The Story - this essay concerns components, reuse, value, and beauty. All photographs were taken at No Name Building Recyclers, Wellington, New Zealand, with the kind permission of the owners.

Panel: Reuse Repositories and Reuse—The Realities

Dave Thomas, Bedarra Research Labs & Carleton University, dave@bedarra.com
Brian Barry, Bedarra Corp & eclipse.org, brian@bedarra.com
Ivar Jacobson, JacZone, ivar@jaczone.com
Linda Northrop, Software Engineering Institute, lmn@sei.cmu.edu
Clemens Szyperski, Microsoft Research, cszypers@microsoft.com
& others

This panel (part of the 2003 Onward! program) will discuss repositories, and reuse. While there is so much hype and noise about components and model repositories, metadata and reuse there is still very little understood about how hard it is to design for reuse and to encourage systematic reuse both in terms of culture, design, and supporting tools and technology. Like standards we have a plethora of component models to choose from and yet the long predicted component market place has yet to occur or has it already happened?

Our educational colleagues outside of the our community are blindly following our rhetoric to build eLearning repositories so Learning Objects can be snapped together just like the OO folks do it! Similarly object zealots are arguing for OO XML, OO CSS to facilitate reuse OO style.

Our panelists have participated in both the euphoric vision as well as the pragmatic realities of repositories reuse in practice. The panel has been asked to discuss their future vision for reuse and repositories and in particular what key social, business and technical enablers will facilitate significant reuse or render the matter irrelevant.