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Objects and Web Services

Chair: Brent Hailpern
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, oows2002@watson.ibm.com
Chair: Peri Tarr
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, oows2002@watson.ibm.com

Way back in the 20th century, everyone got really excited by a "new" concept called "object oriented." It was a new way to think about building systems, a new way to describe components, a new way to achieve reuse, a new way to build models and write programs. Turned out OO caused almost as many problems as it solved! The next "new" concept / structure / description / reuse / model / language is coming (or it is here) and it is called "Web Services." The Objects and Web Services Technical Track at OOPSLA 2002 will be a week-long event to put Web Services under the microscope, to see where it overlaps with our OO experiences, and to see if we can, as a community, build a common future for it and objects. The week will encompass eight tutorials, two workshops, two panels, technical presentations, and two plenary talks all devoted to the relationships between the exciting new area of web services and the core focus of OOPSLA, object-oriented systems.

Web Services are pieces of software that provide access to their capabilities across the World Wide Web via XML interfaces. The use of XML enables systems running in different environments and in different locations to exchange information, interoperate, and be combined more readily than ever before. Web Services hold out the dream of a truly composable distributed system where "applications" are built out of "components" provided by other companies or individuals and where these applications are services that can adapt and change over time to meet the dynamic needs of web users.

Web services are, therefore, all about promoting sharing of functionality and information among heterogeneous systems, and about addressing the question, how do they work together? Objects, on the other hand, are all about promoting the development and evolution of high-quality software, through mechanisms such as encapsulation, non-invasive adaptation, reuse, patterns, and low-impact evolution-properties that will be needed more than ever in web services. How, then, do we get the best software engineering properties of objects into XML-based web services? This technical track will explore those issues and will bring together researchers and practitioners from both disciplines to hash out the problems, issues, and opportunities and object-oriented web services become a reality.

For listing of all events related to Objects and Web Services (including workshops and tutorials), please refer to the Web Services Track on .

Wednesday, 6 November


If I Had a Hammer: Viewing Web Services as Your Favorite Nail
Convention Ctr. – Exhibit Hall 4B

Thursday, 7 November


Postcards from the Bleeding Edge: Web Service User/Developer Experiences
Convention Ctr. – Exhibit Hall 4B

Friday, 8 November


Delivering on the promise of distributed systems
Convention Ctr. – Ballroom 6C


The Future of Programming in a World of Web Services
Convention Ctr. – Exhibit Hall 4B