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Chair: Jutta Eckstein
Objects in Action, workshops@oopsla.acm.org

The workshop program for OOPSLA 2002 includes a large number of workshops that spans a wide range of relevant and timely topics. Workshops provide intensive collaborative environments where object technologists meet to surface, discuss, and solve challenging problems facing the field. The topics covered by workshops are diverse, as are the workshop's formats. A workshop may provide the opportunity for representatives of a technical community to coordinate efforts and to establish collective plans of action, to collectively work on a book, or to discuss and share ideas on a hot new emerging technology.

To ensure a sufficiently small group for effective interaction, workshop organizers manage attendance based on an objective criterion, typically a short position paper submitted by potential attendees. In the position paper the prospective attendees outline their opinions on an aspect of the workshop's topic. Participants have been chosen based on the relevance of their position paper to the workshop scheme. Workshop attendance is by invitation only and it is at the discretion of the organizers but all attendees are expected to contribute to the discussion. After the workshop, the organizers are responsible for reporting results to the object community via a short summary that will appear on the workshop's web site.

Workshops are either full or half day events that occur on the first two days before the conference. Workshop organizers and participants must check-in at the registration desk before attending the workshop, preferably the evening before. For more information on a particular workshop, please visit its web page.

Monday, 4 November

8:30-17:00 Full day

1 Tool Support for Aspect Oriented Software Development
Convention Ctr - Room 211
2 2nd OOPSLA Workshop on Domain-Specific Visual Languages
Convention Ctr - Room 304
3 Commonalities of Agile Methodologies
Convention Ctr - Room 202
8 The 11th OOPSLA Workshop on behavioral semantics -- Serving the customer
Convention Ctr - Room 213
9 Pervasive Computing; going beyond Internet for small screens
Convention Ctr - Room 305
12 Patterns for Software Architecture
Convention Ctr - Room 302
14 Agent-oriented methodologies
Convention Ctr - Room 212
10, 15, 29 10) Distributed eXtreme Programming
Convention Ctr - Room 306
15) Tackling the Discovery Costs of Evolving Software Systems
Convention Ctr - Room 306
29) Pair Programming Explored
Convention Ctr - Room 306
22 J2EE vs .NET
Convention Ctr - Room 214
23 Using Play to Enhance Learning About Objects
Convention Ctr - Room 309
24 1st International Workshop on Runtime Kernel Support for Dynamic Languages and Component Based Architectures
Convention Ctr - Room 613-614
25 "Killer Examples" for Design Patterns and Objects First
Convention Ctr - Room 209

8:30-12:00 Morning

5 Extreme Programming Practices in the First CS Courses
Convention Ctr - Room 301

13:30-17:00 Afternoon

31 Expanding the Boundaries of Unit Testing
Convention Ctr - Room 203

Tuesday, 5 November

8:30-17:00 Full day

4 Generative Techniques in the context of Model-Driven Architecture
Convention Ctr - Room 203
6 Architecture is dead - Long live the Architect!
Convention Ctr - Room 210
11 Patterns in Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Convention Ctr - Room 305
13 Patterns for Customer Interaction and Expectation Management
Convention Ctr - Room 306
16 1st Workshop on Software Development Process Patterns
Convention Ctr - Room 208
17 Built for Life: Constructing Software to Outlive Its Creators
Convention Ctr - Room 209
18 Semantics of Enterprise Integration II
Convention Ctr - Room 213
19 Engineering Context-Aware Object-Oriented Systems and Environments (ECOOSE)
Convention Ctr - Room 212
20 Object-Oriented Web Services
Convention Ctr - Room 206
26 Using Domain Specific Languages to Drive Business Applications
Convention Ctr - Room 202
27 Extravagaria - Art Assisting Science
Convention Ctr - Room 304
28 Agile Processes Workshop II - Managing Multiple Agile Projects
Convention Ctr - Room 309
30 Product Line Engineering - The early steps: Planning, Managing, and Modeling (PLEES'02)
Convention Ctr - Room 214

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