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Thursday, 7 November – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon – Convention Ctr - Room 605

50 Daily Builds are for Wimps

Michael Two
Thoughtworks Inc., 2@thoughtworks.com

Over the past few years we have been working on a very large J2EE application with over 25 developers and several hundred thousand lines of code. Our original build process took a few hours and was very fragile. This caused us to go without a working build for days at a time. We successfully shrank the time to well under an hour and we produce more than 20 builds a day with failures being very rare. Our fully automated process allows developers to check in code anytime and find out the results of compilation, unit testing, deployment and automated acceptance testing of the build as soon as it is available. All of the results are available on a web page that all members of the project can use to monitor the state of the application. We will cover building your project in ANT, extending ANT by writing your own custom tasks and the open source tool Cruise Control for managing your build. Examples and demonstrations will be provided in Java and .NET for the building and testing of a simple web service using ANT, JUnit, NANT and NUnit.

Attendee background

Attendees should have a working knowledge of Java or C#. Familiarity with XML syntax and web services is also helpful.




Michael has been a developer at Thoughtworks for three years. He has worked on large scale J2EE projects with teams of up to 60 people. He has been lecturing on Continuous Integration since August 2000 at places like XP Immersion IV, SDWest 2001 and 2002, SDEast 2001, OOPSLA 2001 and NASA.