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Wednesday, 6 November – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon – Convention Ctr - Room 611

48 Use Cases and Testing: Using Use Cases to Write Test Cases

Jim Heumann
Rational Software, jheumann@rational.com

Use cases, a proven technique for specifying functional requirements, are particularly powerful because of their ability to be easily used by other members of the software development team. This is true in testing, where requirements form the basis for determining whether system objectives and quality measures have been met. The ability to create test cases from, and trace them to, use cases is a vital skill for ensuring a quality product. This tutorial will introduce a straightforward technique, based on the Rational Unified Process, for generating test cases directly from use cases. The tutorial will start with a brief introduction to use cases including guidelines for content and format to facilitate testing, and will continue by explaining the three key steps used for generating test cases: finding use case scenarios, identifying conditions and data elements to test, and adding data values for testing.

Attendee background

A familiarity with use cases would be helpful, but not required.


Lecture/presentation interspersed with discussion of the examples and an in-class exercise.


Jim Heumann is Requirements Management Evangelist for Rational Software. Throughout his twenty year career as a designer, implementer, maintainer, consultant, and manager he has been able to experience, first-hand, most of the challenges we all face day-to-day as software professionals. He has worked on projects in artificial intelligence, cell phone fraud detection, user interface design, visual data analysis, currency trading, image processing, and wind profilers, among other. Jim has delivered over fifty workshops, tutorials, training classes, and conference presentations over the last ten years on a variety of subjects including Requirements Management with Use Cases, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Visual Data Analysis, UML, and Use Cases and Test Cases. He holds an MS in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona.