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Wednesday, 6 November – 10:00-17:30 – Convention Ctr - Room 612

41 Programming Web Services for Mobile Devices

Scott Guthrie
Microsoft, danf@microsoft.com
Dan Fay
Microsoft Research, danf@microsoft.com
Simon Cuce
Monash University, simon.cuce@csse.monash.edu.au

The Internet is quickly evolving from today's websites that just deliver UI pages to browsers to the next generation of programmable websites that directly link organizations, applications, services, and devices with one another. These programmable websites become more than passively accessed sites - they become reusable, intelligent web services. With the beginning of the XML Web Services revolution, the landscape of the internet is changing, and understanding how to make information available through web services to any type of mobile device is paramount to widespread end-user adoption.

This tutorial will begin by covering the basics of web services and all the relevant standards (SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI) associated with creating and deploying a web service. We will demonstrate to attendees how to build and deploy web services and client applications with an XML Web Service that uses ASP.NET and standard internet technologies. Attendees will also discover how to take advantage of web services from mobile devices to create both rich web applications via the Mobile Internet Toolkit as well as compelling client applications via the .NET Compact Framework.

Attendee background

Participants should have a general familiarity with web technologies and object-oriented programming.


This tutorial will be lecture based.


Scott Guthrie co-founded the Microsoft ASP.NET team which is responsible for web services and leads the design team responsible for architecting the product. His individual technical contributions include: ASP.NET Web Services Infrastructure, ASP.NET Web Forms Page Architecture, ASP.NET Compilation System, and the ASP.NET HTTP Runtime Architecture.

Dan Fay is a 10 year veteran of Microsoft working with researchers looking at new internet technologies. Dan also supports academic research and development on the .NET Framework, including the Common Language Runtime and Web Services.

Simon Cuce is a final year Ph.D. student for the Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Monash University, Australia. He is also a Senior Consultant for ProAzial Solutions Pty. Ltd., one of Australia's premiere .NET software consultants and handheld application developers. He has a background in mobile technology, including handheld and mobility enabling software development. Simon also came in third place in the 10th ACM International Graduate Student Research Contest 2002 for his research project GLOMAR: Adaptive Consistency Control for Distributed File Systems.