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Tuesday, 5 November – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon – Convention Ctr - Room 604

35 What's Happening Inside Your EJB Application Server?

Scott Crawford
Independent, scott@scottcrawford.co.uk

This session goes "under the hood" of some of the most popular Enterprise JavaBeans application servers and explores what's really going on in there. Some simple EJB programming techniques will be presented which will allow you to study your EJB container, and to appreciate the strategies it uses to manage your components. Topics such as instance pooling, passivation, and caching will be explored with reference to specific J2EE servers.

In addition to learning some coding tricks that will help you with your own studies, the session will include test results from several of the most popular application servers, and will point out some of the most important ways in which they differ.

Attendee background

Attendees should be familiar with basic EJB concepts such as session, entity, and message-driven beans. Ideally they should have some hands-on experience with at least one application server.


This tutorial will be primarily lecture format, although attendees will be challenged to discuss and vote on certain specific questions.


Scott Crawford was a pioneer with Enterprise JavaBeans (tm) technology and remains a leading practitioner. He is known as the creator of both EJB Roleplay, the game for teaching EJB lifecycle, and the BeanBank demonstration, which was an early working example of EJB. In recent years he has presented multiple technical sessions at both JavaOne and the OT/Oxford conferences. A veteran of IBM's Java Technology Centre, today he is an independent consultant working as an architect on a large J2EE project in London.