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Tuesday, 5 November – 13:30-17:00 Afternoon – Convention Ctr - Room 204

30 eXtreme Programming & Web Development

Joseph Pelrine
MetaProg GmbH, jpelrine@acm.org
Claudia Chiecchi
Independent, c.chiecchi@digital-prepress.ch

eXtreme Programming provides software developers with techniques for dealing with customers and managers. What happens, though, in a Web-based (or other front-end-heavy) project, where you have to deal with graphics artists, web designers, and other creative types? If you've ever lived through a project that was fraught with confusion, mixed messages, and ever-changing parameters, you know what we mean. In this tutorial, we'll address the issues involved in doing graphically intensive Web development, and will present you with a framework for a cohesive Web workflow plan that will help you save time, money and headaches.

Participants will get a better idea of the language the "other side" speaks, the tools and techniques they use, and how to best go about participating in an XP-based Web design workflow process. We will take a look at the principles, techniques, and tools of graphic design, discuss Web design tools, analyze the communications process between designer, developer and customer (especially the problems), and propose a series of steps for stabilizing and increasing the quality of the development process.

Attendee background

Participants should have some experience in the basics of eXtreme Programming. This tutorial is aimed at software developers as well as graphics and web designers, and also anyone responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary development effort. Although aimed at web development, the techniques are applicable to any UI- and graphic-intensive application.


This tutorial will be lecture based, with numerous practical demonstrations of tools and techniques.


Joseph Pelrine is C*O of MetaProg, a company devoted to increasing the quality of software and its development process. He has had a successful career as software developer, project manager and consultant, and has spoken about it at such diverse places as IBM, OOPSLA and the Chaos Computer Club. Having survived working with Kent Beck, he currently works with Dave Simmons on and in SmallScript when he's not helping his clients solve their problems.

Claudia Chiecchi is an experienced graphics designer, specializing in packaging design and corporate identity. An honors graduate of the graphics master class at the Basel School of Art and Design, and protégé of internationally renowned graphic designer Wolfgang Weingart, her clients include such companies as Adobe, Tissot, Weleda, Actelion, and numerous others.