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Tuesday, 5 November – 8:30-12:00 Morning – Convention Ctr - Room 610

28 Use Cases, Usability Requirements and User Interfaces

Jim Heumann
Rational Software, jheumann@rational.com

Use cases are a way to capture the functional requirements of a software system. To keep them simple and easy-to-read they purposely don't address either usability requirements or the user interface with which users will interact. Both of these things, however, are important to the success of software that has significant user interaction. This tutorial will introduce a technique, based on the Rational Unified Process, called User Experience Use Case Analysis that uses use cases as input, to produce a conceptual design of the UI and to specify its usability requirements. The main outputs of User Experience Use Case Analysis are Use Case Storyboards, which define the system's conceptual screens, screen content and navigation paths. Attendees at this tutorial will get a comprehensive introduction how GUI's fit with use cases and the techniques used to create a conceptual user interface design and specify usability requirements.

Attendee background

Attendees should be familiar with use cases, object orientation and UML at an introductory level.


Lecture/presentation interspersed with discussion of the examples and an in-class exercise.


Jim Heumann is Requirements Management Evangelist for Rational Software. Throughout his twenty year career as a designer, implementer, maintainer, consultant and manager he as been able to experience, first-hand, most of the challenges we all face day-to-day as software professionals. He has worked on projects in artificial intelligence, cell phone fraud detection, user interface design, visual data analysis, currency trading, image processing and wind profilers, among other. Jim has delivered over fifty workshops, tutorials, training classes and conference presentations over the last ten years on a variety of subjects including Requirements Management with Use Cases, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Visual Data Analysis, UML, and Use Cases & Test Cases. He holds an MS in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona.