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Tuesday, 5 November – 8:30-12:00 Morning – Convention Ctr - Room 204

22 Extreme Programming, A Simulation

Joshua Kerievsky
Industrial Logic, Inc., joshua@industriallogic.com
Rob Mee
Pivotal Computer Systems, robmee@hotmail.com

Interactive learning designers and military organizations have known for years that the best way to learn a process is to experience a comprehensive and memorable simulation of it, followed by a thorough debrief. In this half-day tutorial, both non-technical folks (including managers) and technical folks (including programmers and QA engineers) will get to experience a thorough simulation of Extreme Programming (XP).

The simulation involves the completion of a non-technical project, in which participants, playing the roles of XP Customer or Programmer, experience all of the XP practices, including Iteration Planning, Automated Testing, Test-First Development, Continuous Integration, Collective-Ownership and Pairing. The tutorial's instructors - two experienced XP Coaches -- will play the role of Coach. During the simulation debrief, students will do an Iteration Retrospective and learn how their simulated experiences map to real-world XP practices and projects.

Participation in this tutorial requires a laptop loaded with Microsoft Word and Excel, an ethernet card and ethernet cable (RJ-45), and power supply.

Attendee background

This tutorial is open to anyone who is interested in learning about Extreme Programming.


Highly interactive session.


Joshua Kerievsky is a software development coach and programmer. After programming on Wall Street for nearly 10 years, in 1995 he founded San Francisco Bay Area-based Industrial Logic (http://industriallogic.com), a company that specializes in Extreme Programming (XP). Since 1999, Joshua has been programming and coaching on small, large and distributed XP projects and teaching XP to people throughout the world. He regularly speaks about XP, has authored numerous articles, simulations and games about XP and patterns and is working on the forthcoming book Refactoring to Patterns (http://industriallogic.com/xp/refactoring/).

Rob Mee has been a consultant since 1986 and has been involved with XP since 1998, coaching a variety of projects in both IT shops and product companies. During 2000 and 2001 he served as Director of Engineering and XP Coach at Evant, a software vendor in San Francisco. He is a regular lecturer on XP, and has spoken about XP to large corporations, workshops and venture capital firms. He has been featured in interviews by a number of magazines including Forbes and InformationWeek. Rob's projects, including his coaching work at Evant, are often cited by agile methodology gurus such as Kent Beck and Alistair Cockburn as examples of real XP in action.