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Housing Scholarships

Chair: Helen Sharp
The Open University, UK, h.c.sharp@open.ac.uk

OOPSLA 2002 is proud to announce again this year the availability of a limited number of housing scholarships for qualified academic faculty. These scholarships are sponsored by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN). Scholarship recipients will, in effect, receive half-price rates at the main conference hotels. OOPSLA will reimburse you for half of your hotel room charges, for a stay of at least two and at most six nights.

Questions should be directed to the coordinators of this program at Academic_Housing@oopsla.acm.org

Only faculty from educational institutions are eligible to apply.

Nomination Process

    1. On or before 10 August 2002, complete the application form, and

      E-mail the completed form (in text or html) to: Academic_ss@oopsla.acm.org

      Surface mail a signed copy to:
      OOPSLA 2002
      465 NE 181st, Suite 463
      Portland, OR 97230

    2. Scholarships will be awarded based on demonstrated need, as well as the nominee's rationale for attending OOPSLA.

    3. Notification of scholarship awards will be e-mailed by 20 August 2002.

    4. Scholarship recipients must formally accept the award by 30 August 2002.

    5. Scholarship recipients must register for OOPSLA 2002, as well as hotel accommodations, using standard procedures no later than the conference's early registration deadline. You must stay at one of the hotels listed on the housing form, and must use the form to reserve the room in your name. (Note: It is acceptable to reserve a room that will be shared with another attendee.)

    6. Scholarship recipients must submit a receipt for accommodation expenses by 15 November 2002. Reimbursable expenses consist of room charges only, not incidental expenses such as telephone call, room service, or movies. OOPSLA will then issue a check for one-half of the expense.