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Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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 : Monday

Doctoral Symposium

Monday, 8:30, full day


Chair: Laurie Williams, North Carolina State University

The goal of the OOPSLA 2004 Doctoral Symposium is to provide useful guidance for the completion of the dissertation research and the initiation of a research career. The Symposium will provide an interactive forum for doctoral students in one of two phases in their doctoral progress.

  • Apprentices: Students who are just beginning their research, are not ready to actually make a research proposal, but are interested in learning about structuring research and getting some research ideas.
  • Proposers: Students who have progressed far enough in their research to have a structured proposal, but will not be defending their dissertation in the next 12 months. This 12-month stipulation is set in place because we would like for the students to have sufficient time to incorporate the advice and suggestions discussed in the symposium.

This year, the mentors are Laurie Williams (North Carolina State University), Bjorn Freeman-Benson (University of Washington), Jim Coplien (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, University of Manchester), Philippe Kruchten (University of British Columbia), James Noble (Victoria University of Wellington), and Mario Wolczko (Sun Microsystems, Inc.). To provide further opportunity for discussion and feedback, doctoral symposium presenters have a poster on display during the conference and a two-page short paper published in the Conference Companion proceedings.

Due to the mentoring nature of the event, it is only open to those selected for participation.

A Framework for Removing Redundant Context Management Services in Enterprise JavaBeans Application Servers
Mircea Trofin

A Language-Independent Approach to Software Maintenance Using Grammar Adapters
Suman Roychoudhury

Efficient Data Race and Deadlock Prevention in Concurrent Object-Oriented Programs
Piotr Nienaltowski

Generic Ownership: Practical Ownership Control in Programming Languages
Alex Potanin

Interactive Visualization of Object-Oriented Programs
Paul Gestwicki

Modeling Dynamics of Agile Software Development
Lan Cao

Modular Generics
Jeremy Siek

Refining Designs along Middleware-Specific Concern-Dimensions at Different MDA-Levels of Abstraction
Raul Silaghi