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Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications
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Week at a Glance

Alan Kay Turing Lecture Ice Cream Social/OOPSLA 2005 invitation Special Event at the Vancouver Aquarium eclipse Technology eXchange (eTX) Reception Welcome Reception & Newcomer Orientation GPCE Conference ISMM Conference Languages Generics The Role of the Customer in Software Development—The XP Customer: Fad or Fashion? Educators' Symposium Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Starting on the Right Foot Garbage Collection Inheritance Registration Registration Registration Registration Registration Registration Verification and Validation Building Distributed Systems  Onward! Keynote—Exocomputing in the Year 2304: A Survey of  Confirmed Alien Information Technologies Rethinking Languages Onward! Breakthrough Ideas The Great J2EE vs. Microsoft .NET Shootout Challenges in Outsourcing and Global Development: How Will Your Job Change? Jaron Lanier: Onward! Keynote—Exocomputing in the Year 2304: A Survey of  Confirmed Alien Information Technologies Allan Vermeulen: Inside Amazon Web Services Herb Sutter: Concrete Languages on Virtual Platforms Steve McConnell: Code Complete 2: Realities of Modern Software Construction Changing the Experience of Coding Onward! Panel: Transforming the Lifecycle Working with Language Features Staying the Course with Methodology and Process Aspects in the Middle Java Technologies Software Development: Math & Science or Arts & Crafts? The View: The Ultimate IT Chat GPCE Conference GPCE Conference Workshops Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Model Driven Architecture: The Realities, A Year Later GPCE Conference Ward Cunningham: Objects, Patterns, Wiki and XP: All Systems of Names Large Scale Reality Construction Onward! Panel: The Last New Language Feature Rick Rashid: OOPSLA Keynote—The Future of Programming Critiquing the Present DesignFest GPCE Conference ISMM Conference Doctoral Symposium Workshops DesignFest Workshops Tutorials GoF 10th Anniversary Commemorative