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T40: Ruby on Rails: A Kickstart

T40: Ruby on Rails: A Kickstart

Wednesday, Oct 25, from 13:30 to 17:00

Ruby on Rails is currently the talk of the town and the Rails community is growing very fast. Bring your laptop and take the opportunity to try this new agile web development framework for yourself in an intensive session with guidance and help from the presenter. You will get to know why Rails is such a productive environment, how Rails is built to facilitate test-driven development, how Rails works with both new and legacy databases and how to create AJAX (Web 2.0) enabled web applications with Rails.

Intermediate:  HTML and SQL-knowledge is needed. Experience with web development in environments like Java/J2EE/JSP, ASP or ASP.NET, PHP or Perl.

Goals: The attendees will get practical experience with Ruby on Rails.

Format: This tutorial will be very hands-on. The presenter will introduce Ruby on Rails and show the basics, and then the attendees will themselves get the chance to try it out by solving exercises to incrementally build a web application.

Niclas Nilsson, Activa: Niclas is a software developer consultant, educator and writer with a deep passion for the software development craft. He started working as a developer in 1992 and drawn from experience, he knows that some choices makes significant difference in software development, like languages, tools and processes. This is the reason behind his affection for dynamic languages, test-driven development, code generation and agile processes. Niclas started using Ruby in 2002 and a few years later started using Ruby on Rails when developing web applications. Blog at

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program registration submissions committee lodging portland
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