ChairAndrew P. Black
Portland State University

An OOPSLA essay is a reflection upon technology, its relation to human endeavors, or its philosophical, sociological, psychological, historical, or anthropological underpinnings. An essay can be an exploration of technology, its impacts, or the circumstances of its creation; it can present a personal view of what is, explore a terrain, or lead the reader in an act of discovery; it can be a philosophical digression or a deep analysis. Essay submissions were rigorously peer-reviewed, using a process similar to (but separate from) the reviewing process for technical papers. One essay was chosen for presentation at OOPSLA. We believe it to be a thoughtfull and thought-provoking contribution to our understanding of software design. I'm sure that you will enjoy hearing it presented.


Designed as Designer

Room: 205Date: Oct 21, 2008Time: 10:30 - 12:00
Richard P. Gabriel
IBM Research


Conceptual integrity arises not (simply) from one mind or from a small number of agreeing resonant minds, but from sometimes hidden co-authors and the thing designed itself.