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Recommendations from Niclas Nilsson

Niclas Nilsson, Activa Sweden AB, niclas.nilsson @ activa.se

Niclas is a software delevoper and educator. He spends most of his days developing software for embedded/realtime systems, using languages like UML, Java and C++. He also develops and teaches courses in the areas of object-oriented analysis and design, design patterns and well-known programming languages.

The thing I like about OOPSLA is that you meet so many people with skills and knowledge that also turns out to be real nice people. You have the opportunity to listen to and interact with many of those who write the best software oriented books around, but you will also meet a lot of other nice and bright people from all corners of the world. You will meet them when you are participating in workshops, roaming the halls, sharing your thoughts in any of the variants of discussion forums and not the least, over some food and drinks in a break or in a social event.

OOPSLA is filled of interesting things to see and participate in, and I'll try to point out a few good ones. There are usually a lot of interesting speakers at OOPSLA, and this year is not an exception. To start with the most popular thing, the keynote speaker OOPSLA Keynote - The Internet Paradigm Shift from Tim O'Reilly will most certainly be interesting, but I also look forward to listening to one of my personal favourites, Dave Ungar, speaking about Seven Paradoxes of Object-Oriented Programming Languages.

If you are interested in patterns and like playing to learn, take a look at the tutorial Dungeons and Patterns! where Steve Metsker and William Wake will guide you through a game they invented, based upon the classic Dungeons and Dragons game, that will help learning patterns. I attended their tutorial last year and it was a lot of fun!

Since I spend most of my time in the pervasive computing field and I will definitely join in on the workshop Pervasive Computing; going beyond Internet for small screens. If you are interested in pervasive computing, don't forget to submit your workshop position paper in time so you can paricipate.

Last, but not least—if you are doing some OO teaching, check out Educators' Symposium.

Niclas Nilsson recommends:
Keynotes & Invited Speakers: OOPSLA Keynote - The Internet Paradigm Shift
Keynotes & Invited Speakers: Seven Paradoxes of Object-Oriented Programming Languages
Tutorial: Dungeons and Patterns!
Workshop: Pervasive Computing; going beyond Internet for small screens
Educators' Symposium