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Tuesday, 5 November


Educators' Symposium
Doctoral Symposium

8:30-17:00 Full day

18 Tutorial: A Brief Tour of Responsibility-Driven Design
19 Tutorial: Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
20 Tutorial: Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures
21 Tutorial: A Language Designer's View of Rotor, Microsoft's "Shared Source" Implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure
4 Workshop: Generative Techniques in the context of Model-Driven Architecture
6 Workshop: Architecture is dead - Long live the Architect!
11 Workshop: Patterns in Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems
13 Workshop: Patterns for Customer Interaction and Expectation Management
16 Workshop: 1st Workshop on Software Development Process Patterns
17 Workshop Built for Life: Constructing Software to Outlive Its Creators
18 Workshop: Semantics of Enterprise Integration II
19 Workshop: Engineering Context-Aware Object-Oriented Systems and Environments (ECOOSE)
20 Workshop: Object-Oriented Web Services
21 Workshop Software Apprenticeship: the Journey to Mastery
26 Workshop: Using Domain Specific Languages to Drive Business Applications
27 Workshop: Extravagaria - Art Assisting Science
28 Workshop: Agile Processes Workshop II - Managing Multiple Agile Projects
30 Workshop Product Line Engineering - The early steps: Planning, Managing, and Modeling (PLEES'02)

8:30-12:00 Morning

22 Tutorial: Extreme Programming, A Simulation
23 Tutorial: Designing an Agile Methodology
24 Tutorial: J2EE for Enterprise Application Integration and e-business Integration
25 Tutorial: Introduction to Concurrent Programming in Java
26 Tutorial: Reflection in Java
27 Tutorial: Patterns at Work
28 Tutorial: Use Cases, Usability Requirements and User Interfaces
29 Tutorial: .NET Primer with C#
29 Workshop: Pair Programming Explored

13:30-17:00 Afternoon

30 Tutorial: eXtreme Programming & Web Development
31 Tutorial: Patterns for Writing Effective Use Cases
32 Tutorial: Dungeons and Patterns!
33 Tutorial Concurrency Utilities: Tools for Managing Multithreading
34 Tutorial: C++ Idioms
35 Tutorial: What's Happening Inside Your EJB Application Server?
36 Tutorial: Patterns and Application Experiences for Real-time Object Request Brokers
37 Tutorial: Objects, XML and Databases
38 Tutorial: Distributed .NET


Special Event: OOPSLA 2002 Welcome Reception


Special Event: Newcomers Orientation

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