Alluring Alchemy: IPO or IOU?
Software Investment Strategies for Delivering Disruptive Solutions
Convention Ctr – 207B
Steven Fraser, Nortel Networks,
Priya Marsonia, Nortel Networks
Bill Opdyke, Lucent Technologies

You are competing in a “dot com” world. Software is the cradle for your innovation. What is your software investment strategy to deliver “breakthrough” products and disruptive technologies? Disruptive technologies fundamentally displace markets and often drive established players out of business. Often, disruptive technologies start out small, serving niche markets, but mature quickly, grabbing market share from the incumbents. In the not too distant past alchemists attempted to turn base metals into gold; now entrepreneurs use software to turn ideas into products. To achieve the best results, what software investments (design methodologies, tools, languages, platforms, etc.) should be made?

Track: Project Management

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