Refactoring the UML – In Search of the Core
Convention Ctr – 212A
Robert France, Colorado State University,
Bernhard Rumpe, Munich University of Technology
Jean-Michel Bruel, University of Pau, France
Ana Moreira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Ileana Ober, Telelogic, France
Jonathan Whittle, NASA Ames Research Center, USA

It is evident that a single semantics and concrete syntax for the UML will not suffice. The challenge is to restructure the UML in such a way to facilitate graceful evolution and to provide high-level extension mechanisms that facilitate disciplined development of precise modeling languages. A suggested approach is to base UML language extensions on a core set of UML notations, and to use profiles to manage language extensions. Presentations and discussions will focus on identifying the challenges, recognizing limitations, analyzing proposed approaches to refactoring the UML, and creating and using profiles.


Tracks: Analysis and Design; Process and Methodology

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