Business Object Components VI: Enterprise Application Integration
Convention Ctr – 213A
Jeff Sutherland, The Virtual Medicine Corporation,
Dilip Patel, South Bank University
Joaquin Miller, Financial Systems Architects
Fred Cummins, EDS
Haim Kilov, Genesis Development Corporation

The NCITS T3 Open Distributed Processing (ODP) Group, and the Object Management Group Business Object Domain Task Force (BODTF) are jointly sponsoring the Sixth Annual OOPSLA Workshop on Business Object Component Design and Implementation. This year’s focus will be on design and implementation of business object component frameworks and architectures used for enterprise application integration (EAI). Enterprises are using an integrated intranet/extranet/Internet to link internal divisions, external partners, and customers to radically reduce costs while increasing value. This workshop will address such questions as the following: What role do business object components have in support of integration of the value chain?


Track: Business Objects

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