Modeling Internet-Based Systems
Convention Ctr – 212B
Cecile Peraire, SRI International,
Derek Coleman, Hewlett-Packard
Jim Conallen, Rational Software
Dorothea Beringer, Hewlett-Packard

Today’s evolution of Internet technologies is going to transform the way users and enterprises utilize electronic services (e-services) and conduct electronic business (e-business). In the near future, almost everything may be an e-service delivered through a pervasive infrastructure. Unlike today’s monolithic systems, e-services will function as dedicated building blocks that can be dynamically combined to achieve high-level tasks. The workshop will focus on the modeling-related issues raised by the evolution from today’s distributed object-oriented systems to tomorrow’s highly flexible Internet-based systems. The result of the workshop will be a greater understanding of these issues and guidelines for modeling Internet-based systems.


Tracks: Analysis and Design; Distributed Objects

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