Pervasive Computing:The Next Generation Computing Environment
Convention Ctr – 203A
Mamdouh Ibrahim, IBM Global Services,
John Baker, IBM Global Services
David Garlan, Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Karasick, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Peter Kriens, AQute/Ericsson
John Shelton, IBM Global Services

Hardware advances promise to deliver the power of computers everywhere, to everyone, at all times. This will require a new computing paradigm. This workshop will address challenges facing Pervasive Computing including:
  • Application models and development environment
  • Application footprint
  • Distributing (and garbage collecting) large numbers of objects
  • Management and administration of software components deployed on a large number of heterogeneous devices
  • Emerging and competing standards
  • Privacy and security
  • Supporting dramatically different user interface paradigms
  • Adaptability and learning
  • Networking infrastructure


Tracks: Agents; Distributed Objects; Emerging Technologies

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