Methods and Tools for Object-Oriented Framework Development and Specialization
Convention Ctr – 204A
Kai Koskimies, Tampere University of Technology,
Jan Bosch, University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
Wolfgang Pree, University of Constance
Hanspeter Moessenboeck, University of Linz, Austria

Object-oriented frameworks have become a popular form of reusable software. In particular, frameworks are exploited as architectural backbones of product families. Frameworks can provide an infrastructure for a set of compatible components, and a customizable component can be implemented as a framework. Although frameworks are recognized as a key technology supporting reusability, relatively little is known about the design and specialization methodologies for frameworks, and indeed about the character of a framework as a generic software unit. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss and compare existing approaches to manage object-oriented frameworks, covering both methodological and tool aspects.


Track: Patterns and Frameworks

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