Enterprise Frameworks: Adequacies and Inadequacies
Convention Ctr – 212A
Mohamed Fayad, University of Nebraska, Lincoln,
Wolfgang Pree, University of Constance
David Hamu, TRW
Davide Brugali, Politecnico di Torino

This workshop will examine object-oriented enterprise frameworks (OOEFs) with respect to three central questions:
  • How can we achieve bottom-line improvements with enterprise frameworks?
  • What are the economical impacts of OOEFs nationally and globally?
  • What is the strategic analysis of enterprise framework investments?

The workshop will debate the strategic budgetary, marketing, technical, and managerial advantages of OOEFs, and will debate the broader economic impact of the enterprise and application frameworks on the organization, at national and international levels.


Track: Patterns and Frameworks

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