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OOPSLA 2000, Conference On Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications

Program Chair: Doug Lea, papers@oopsla.acm.org
Submissions due date: April 3, 2000.
Notification of acceptance or rejection: May 26, 2000

Technical papers should offer significant contributions to the study and use of object-oriented systems, languages, and applications. Submissions may present research results that advance the state of the art, or experience-based accounts of best practices, comparative evaluations, design patterns, and other insights gathered from practical applications. Papers containing both research and experiential components are very much welcome. However, for a report describing a case study or anecdotal experiences confined to a single system or development project you may wish to consider submitting a Practitioner Report, rather than a Technical Paper.

If you are not familiar with the general nature of OOPLSA papers, you should read previous OOPSLA proceedings to see the range of presentation styles and approaches. Relevant topics include such areas as language design and implementation; components, frameworks, and software architectures; object databases and persistence; distributed, mobile, parallel, and real-time systems; analysis and design methods; software engineering practices; object testing and metrics; and programming environments. The Program Committee will evaluate all papers using the same standards of relevance, significance, generality, correctness, appropriate comparisons to related research, organization, and clarity.

Accepted papers will be published in the OOPSLA 2000 Proceedings and presented during a scheduled 30 minute slot in the OOPSLA technical program. The Conference Proceedings will also be distributed as an issue of ACM SIGPLAN Notices.

For additional information, clarification, or questions please feel free to contact the Program Chair, Doug Lea, at papers@oopsla.acm.org. See also Doug's answers to common questions.

Important Dates
Firm deadline for receipt of submissions: 3 April 2000
Notification of acceptance or rejection: 26 May 2000
Deadline for camera-ready copy: 23 July 2000

Format of the Submission
All papers must be submitted electronically in PDF or PostScript Format (see "Submission Process" below). Final camera ready papers must be formatted to conform to ACM Proceedings requirements: Nine point font on ten point baseline, two column page 3.33in wide and 9in tall with a column gutter of 0.33in, etc. We strongly encourage you to use this layout for initial submissions as well. See the ACM Proceedings Guidelines. You might save yourself some preparation time by using one of the templates from that page.

Submissions must be no longer than 10,000 words (not counting figures, tables, and references). Overly long papers are subject to rejection without review. Be sure that your submission displays and prints properly using commonly available PDF or PostScript viewers and printers. Submitted papers must have content that has not previously been published in, or under review by, other refereed venues.

Submission Process

  • Electronic submission of proposals is required. Paper and fax submissions will not be accepted.
  • Go to your OOPSLA 2000 Personal Page. If you do not have a personal page yet, or if you have forgotten the URL, go to the "My OOPSLA2000" page (you can also get there from the OOPSLA home page).
  • From your OOPSLA 2000 Personal Page, follow the "Submit Technical Paper" link.
  • Complete the form on the web page and hit "submit". In the course of filling out the form, you will be required to insert a 300 word text abstract, as well to attach a copy of the submission itself (as a file attachment).
  • Upon completion, you will be transferred to your own private URL from which you can check on the status of your submission at any time.
  • You will receive confirmation by email that your proposal has been received and is complete.
  • Papers must be submitted no later than 3 April 2000, but earlier is better.
  • Papers may be modified up until the submission deadline.

For additional information, clarification, or questions please feel free to contact the Program Chair, Doug Lea, papers@oopsla.acm.org.

Program Committee

    Ole AgesenVMWare
    Gerald Baumgartner
    Ohio State University
    Kent Beck
    First Class Software
    Elisa Bertino
    University of Milano
    Toby Bloom
    Ron Crocker
    Erich Gamma
    Rachid Guerraoui
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
    Ralph Johnson
    University of Illinois
    Boris Magnusson
    Lund University
    Satoshi Matsuoka
    Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Oscar Nierstrasz
    University of Bern
    Linda Northrop
    Software Engineering Institute
    Benjamin Pierce
    University of Pennsylvania
    Bill Pugh
    University of Maryland
    Aamod Sane
    Bran Selic
    Peri Tarr
    IBM Watson Research Center
    Kresten Krab Thorup
    University of Aarhus
    Kevin Tyson
    Jan Vitek
    Purdue University
    Philip Wadler
    Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

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