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Submission Deadline March 19, 2008
Notifications March 31, 2008
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OOPSLA workshops provide a creative and collaborative environment where attendees meet to discuss, and solve challenging problems related to a variety of research topics. Workshops provide a great opportunity for software developers and researchers to establish as well as foster communities on these topics.

The topics of workshops as well as their formats are diverse. For example, workshops may provide an opportunity for people working in a particular area to coordinate efforts and to establish a collective plan of action, to collaborate on a book, to seek contribution, or to discuss and share ideas on a hot new emerging technology.

We encourage proposals for innovative, well-focused workshops on a broad spectrum of topics.

How to Submit a Proposal

Workshop proposals are submitted through the OOPSLA on-line submission system.

Your proposal should include the following elements:

  • Main Theme and Goals - The proposal must explain the importance of the workshop theme to the OOPSLA community. Goals should be clearly stated.
  • Abstract - The proposal must include a 150-word abstract that summarizes the theme and goals of the workshop; if the workshop is accepted, this abstract will be published in the advance program and the final program.
  • Organizers - The proposal must list the workshop organizers. Workshop organizers are responsible for advertising the workshop, reviewing potential participants' submissions, running the workshop, and collating any results of the workshop for dissemination to others. Workshop organizers should be listed, together with their contact information. The primary organizer of the workshop and a contact person should be specified (they need not be the same person). For each organizer, the proposal should describe his/her background (expertise in the area, and previous experience running workshops) and also identify his/her responsibilities for this workshop.
  • Anticipated Attendance - The ideal, minimum, and maximum number of participants.
  • Advertisement - Describe how you plan to advertise your workshop to ensure participation.
  • Participant Preparation - Your proposal should describe what preparation is expected of workshop participants.
  • Activities and Format - The format of the workshop should be described and a timetable given. Please state clearly if a full-day or a half-day workshop is proposed. You should consider, for example, whether there will be any introductory material, whether there will be any paper presentations, any panel discussion, debate, or focus groups, and how such groups will report back to the other participants.
  • Post-workshop activities - The proposal should describe what results the workshop will produce and how those will be disseminated to the wider public.
  • Special Requirements - Any special requirements.

The following questions may help focus your submission:

  • Are there at least two organizers and do they represent a reasonably varied cross-section of the community?
  • Does the proposal present a compelling case for the importance of the topic area? Is this done succinctly and completely?
  • Are the goals of the workshop expressed clearly?
  • Is the topic likely to be attractive to OOPSLA attendees?
  • Is the format clearly described and does it encourage a high level of interaction between the participants?
  • Is a workshop the right forum to address the theme and goals or does the proposal fit better into another type of OOPSLA event?

For additional information, clarifications, or questions, please contact the workshop chair at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Workshops Committee