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Passports for US Citizens

As you may have heard, the US State Department is hopelessly behind in issuing passports. But there is good news!

Recent laws require a passport for US citizens who are returning from Canada, so if you're planning to attend ooPSLA in Montréal and haven't applied yet, there is a good chance you won't be able to get one in time!

BUT WAIT! Because of problems like this, there is a procedure. You are permitted to return with a government-issued photo ID (like a driver's license) and a printout of your passport status page which shows you've applied for a passport and it's in process.

The State Department has supplied a handy web page that explains this and the procedure. Here is a shortcut to the important page.

We at ooPSLA office an extensive About Montréal page that explains Border Entry Requirements for all travelers as well as handy information for getting to, staying in, and traveling about Montréal and Canada.