14 Semantics of Enterprise Integration III

Monday, 27 October – 8:30-17:00 Full day

Mark Lycett, Brunel University (UK),
Sergio de Cesare, Brunel University (UK),
Guido Geerts, University of Delaware (USA),
Grant Holland, Sun Microsystems (USA),
Chris Partridge, Brunel University, UK,

Semantics underlie the fundamental problems that business stakeholders and system developers constantly cope with when integrating enterprise systems. Well-known issues, such as semantics description, expression of common semantics across systems and interoperability of data and processes, are amplified in the enterprise arena. Enterprise integration, although related to it, is not synonymous to technical systems integration. More complex forms of communication and coordination are required and encompass the multifaceted dimensions of the business (i.e., technical, organizational and human).

The importance of identifying ways to define, model and express semantics at a business level is highlighted by the growing importance of the application of ontologies to the development and re-engineering of enterprise systems. Also semantics is driving emerging technologies such as the semantic web, GRID systems and web services.

This workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds in order to discuss and analyze the different semantic issues and perspectives of enterprise integration.

Keywords: enterprise/systems integration, semantics, ontology, services.