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Chair: Gail E. Harris, Instantiated Software, Inc, designfest@oopsla.acm.org

CodeFest is where students get a chance to work on real world problems and DesignFest® participants get to see if their designs really work. For the history buff, CodeFest first emerged a few years ago when a group of programmers decided to demonstrate Extreme Programming by using the problems from DesignFest. Since then, CodeFest has become an integral part of OOPSLA.

OOPSLA is proud to announce that IBM will again be sponsoring prizes for the best CodeFest team. During the Ice Cream Social, the winning team will be announced and the Conference Chair will present the team members with IBM Workpads.

The competition promises to be intense, with last year's winning team returning to defend their title. In fact, CodeFest has become so popular that at least one University has a competition amongst its students to determine who will get to go!

A visit to the DesignFest web site will be especially helpful to CodeFest teams new to OOPSLA. The site contains material from past DesignFests and CodeFests. There you will find problem descriptions from previous years, design solutions submitted by past participants, results from previous CodeFests, and a spectacular photo gallery.

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Submission Process

For additional information on how to participate, or if you have questions please feel free to contact the CodeFest Chair, Gail E. Harris, at designfest@oopsla.acm.org.

Financial assistance may be available for students on a CodeFest team. For details, please contact the CodeFest Chair, Gail E. Harris, at designfest@oopsla.acm.org .

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