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OOPSLA 2000, Conference On Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications


Chair: Dirk Siebert, sv@oopsla.acm.org
Applications due date: July 24, 2000

The student volunteer program is an opportunity for students from around the world to associate with the top people in object-oriented technologies and software development. In return for about ten hours of their time, student volunteers receive complimentary registration and other benefits. In the past, job assignments have included assisting with tutorials and panels, checking badges at doors, helping with traffic flow, and general "go-for" assistance to keep the conference running smoothly. Student volunteers must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at the time of the conference.

There are three "plans" or levels of reimbursement for Student Volunteers:

  • Bronze - complimentary conference registration (and some other benefits)
  • Silver - Bronze + small amount of money
  • Gold - Bronze + 'some' money (for people who incur considerable cost for travel)

The basic idea is: Bronze is for local people, Silver is for people who do not have to travel very far, Gold is for people from far away. However, the number of reimbursements is limited, especially the number of Gold (and Silver) plans. So chances are higher to get Bronze than Gold. Thus if you come from far away, but definitely want to attend, you should apply for all plans.

The basic rules for reimbursement are:

  1. You'll need to submit original receipts
  2. Reimbursements will be for reasonable costs

Student Volunteer applications must be completed no later than 24 July 2000. To apply, either contact the Student Volunteers Chair at sv@oopsla.acm.org or follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the "My OOPSLA2000" submissions page.
  2. Enter at least the mandatory information. "Affiliation" is not marked mandatory. Nevertheless, for student volunteers the system will flag the entry "Incomplete" if you do not enter this field. So please enter your university/school.
  3. Create your "Personal page"
  4. On your "Personal page" click on "Volunteer As A Student"
  5. Submit the information requested
  6. Don't worry about the "Supporting files"
  7. Go to your "Personal page"
  8. Bookmark this page (Via this bookmark you can easily access your
    personal page in the future)
  9. Make sure the status in the "Student Volunteer" section is "Complete"
  10. Wait to hear from the Student Volunteers Chair. (Keep your contact information current on your "Personal page"!)

Send the Student Volunteers Chair email if you need help with anything.

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