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OOPSLA 2000, Conference On Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications

Chair: Jay Almarode, demos@oopsla.acm.org
Submissions due date: July 24, 2000
Notification of acceptance or rejection: August 6, 2000

Once again at OOPSLA, demonstrations of running computer programs will be an outstanding vehicle for sharing the technical aspects of your object-oriented projects, tools, or systems. The programs can demonstrate commercial or in-house applications, as well as academic or corporate research. Demonstrations should be focused on the technical content of the programs, and must not be related to any commercial aspects.

Demonstrations will be selected on the basis of technical merit, relevance to object-oriented technology, novel features, and feasibility of presentation at OOPSLA. Presenters of accepted demonstrations should be members of the development or implementation team and must keep in mind that they will demonstrate to an audience looking for technical content.

Accepted demonstrations will also be expected to provide a two-page summary description to be published in the OOPSLA Conference Companion.

Submission Process

  • Electronic submission of proposals is required. Paper and fax submissions will not be accepted.
  • Go to your OOPSLA 2000 Personal Page. If you do not have a personal page yet, or if you have forgotten the URL, go to the "My OOPSLA2000" page (you can also get there from the OOPSLA home page).
  • From your OOPSLA 2000 Personal Page, follow the "Submit Demo" link.
  • Submit the information listed below using the Web submission system. Submissions are due by July 24, 2000. Proposals must be submitted no later than this date, but earlier is better.
  • Proposals may be modified online up until that deadline.
  • You will receive confirmation by email that your proposal has been received and is complete.

Acceptance and rejection notifications will be emailed by August 6, 2000.

Information to enter online:

  • Title of demonstration
  • Name and organization of contact person
  • Email address of contact person (required)
  • Address and phone number of contact person
  • Names of other presenters
  • Description of demo (maximum of 250 words). The description should try to include the following:
    • What problems are addressed?
    • What will the audience be seeing?
    • What is object-oriented about the software?
    • What is unique about the design or implementation?
    • What underlying technologies are used?
    • What techniques were used to build the software?
  • Any specific requirements for your demo (such as special hardware, etc.)

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