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OOPSLA 2000, Conference On Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications

Panels Chair, Mary Lynn Manns, panels@oopsla.acm.org
Submission due date: 3 April 2000
Acceptance and rejection notifications: 26 May 2000.

OOPSLA panels have always been informative and lively and are among the best-attended events at the conference. If you would like to engage large numbers of OOPSLA 2000 attendees in debate or discussion of a current topic, we invite you to organize and submit a panel proposal.

This category can accept sessions with a variety of formats. Panels, debates, and "goldfish bowls" are among the kinds of sessions that raise important issues and encourage discussion in a variety of ways. A panel presents a varied number of viewpoints, a debate actively argues two or more opposing perspectives, and a goldfish bowl allows numerous ideas, including those from the audience, to be presented in a semi-structured format. Although these are among the kinds of formats that appear most often, OOPSLA’2000 is also looking for panels with innovative styles. Even game show formats and courtroom simulations have worked well in the past. We will accept proposals with traditional, as well as nontraditional, formats.

Panels should be informative and even fun. The best participants include people with a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. They do not have to be experts. Valuable insights can come from "gurus" as well as from those in the trenches of daily system development.

If you have a half-baked idea for a panel, and need some input and ideas, or for additional information, clarification, or questions, feel free to contact the panels chair, Mary Lynn Manns, at panels@oopsla.acm.org prior to the submission date.

Submission Process

  • Electronic submission of proposals is required. Paper and fax submissions will not be accepted.
  • Go to your OOPSLA 2000 Personal Page. If you do not have a personal page yet, or if you have forgotten the URL, go to the "My OOPSLA2000" page (you can also get there from the OOPSLA home page).
  • From your OOPSLA 2000 Personal Page, follow the "Submit Panel" link.
  • Complete the submission form on the Web page and hit "submit". You will be transferred to your own private URL from which you can check on the status of your Panel submission at any time.
  • You will receive confirmation by email that your proposal has been received and is complete.
  • Proposals must be submitted no later than 3 April 2000, but earlier is better. We will read early proposals and work with the submitter(s) to further develop proposals.
  • Proposals may be modified up until the submission deadline

Acceptance and rejection notifications will be emailed by 26 May 2000.

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