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3rd Workshop on Assessment of Contemporary Modularization Techniques

Phil Greenwood, Lancaster University
Alessandro Garcia, PUC-Rio
Yuanfang Cai, Drexel University
Kevin Sullivan, University of Virginia
Claudio Sant'Anna, Federal University of Bahia
Thomas Cottenier, Hengsoft LLC
James Noble, Victoria University of Wellington

A number of contemporary modularization techniques, e.g. Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD), Feature-Oriented Programming (FOP), are being applied to cope with the challenges of multiple emerging software domains such as collaborative software engineering, ultra-large systems, cyber-physical systems and cloud computing. The effective assessment of such modularization techniques when applied to such emerging domains plays a pivotal role in (i) understanding of their costs and benefits when compared to conventional development techniques, and (ii) their effective transfer to mainstream software development.

The goal of the 3rd ACoM workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to (a) understand the role and impact of contemporary modularization techniques in the emerging software application domains; (b) explore new modularity modeling and assessment methods to guide the application of modularization techniques in these complex systems, and (c) discuss the use of modularity assessment results to improve software development and new/existing modularization techniques.

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