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Best Practices in Cloud Computing: Implementation and Operational Implications for the Cloud

Lars Arne Skar, Miles
Arne Berre, Sintef
Ruth Lennon, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Amir Zeid, American University of Kuwait
Morten Udnes, Miles
Dumitru Roman, STI, Semantic Technology Institute, University of Innsbruck
Einar Landre, StatoilHydro
Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, University of Tilburg

Cloud computing is the latest technology evolution and labelled among many as the next potential technology silver bullet. There are both great expectation and fear to what consequences these technologies might cause. We want to engage the development community in a series of workshops at OOPSLA09 to ensure that cloud computing evolves in a meaningful way for those who are likely to develop solutions on the cloud. This workshop will focus on operational implications. Due to the potential rapid availability of services in the cloud it is important to start exploring consequences of using such services, for instance access control, regulatory issues, development practices, security and practical operational issues. Capturing and discussing best practices on these subjects will contribute to a healthy movement in the right direction for those who will develop services for the Cloud.

0830Welcome and intro to second day, Lars, Ruth, Morten, Amir
0900Expectations from the group
0930Cloud Computing Web-Services Offering and IT Management Aspects, Ethan Hadar
1000Lightning talk - software licensing in the cloud, Stuart Charlton
1015Morning break
1045Cloud camp findings and interactive discussions with the group, Dave Nielsen
1130Lightning talk - Leveraging Cloud Infrastructure for Life Sciences Research Laboratories, Sonya Lowry
1145Lightning talk - CTE Benchmarking on cloud, Ethan Hadar
1200Brainstorming topics for open space discussions, break out in teams according to topics - start first open space discussion during lunch
1230Lunch break - first round of open space discussion during lunch
1330Gigaspace in the cloud, Guy Korland
1400Service Level Agreements in Cloud Computing, Ajith Ranabahu
1430Open space discussions - working with poster
1515Afternoon break
1545Open space discussions - working with poster
1630Debrief - finalizing posters
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