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T13. What Every Software Architect Should Know About Testing

Peter Zimmerer, Siemens AG, CT SE 1

Peter Zimmerer is a Principal Engineer at Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, in Munich, Germany. For more than 17 years he has been working in the field of software testing and quality engineering. At Siemens he performs consulting and training on testing strategies, testing methods, testing processes, test automation, and testing tools in real-world projects and drives research and innovation in this area. He is an ISTQB(TM) Certified Tester Full Advanced Level and regular speaker at international testing conferences in Europe, Canada, and USA.

One significant lever to improve software testing is a better collaboration with other stakeholders. One important group of these stakeholders are software architects who play a key role in the development and maintenance of products and systems.

"Architects build software systems and testers test these systems" - so why should an architect need to know anything about testing?

To answer this question this tutorial motivates testing by providing a multidimensional view on what testing really is and describes the importance and criticality of testing for project success. Then best practices in testing leveraging software architecture are presented and the required involvement and contributions by software architects to specific testing tasks are explained in detail. These building blocks are essential to understand what testers should actively claim and demand from architects to enhance the way of testing. Concluding the needed collaboration between the test manager and the software architect is investigated. This results not only in better quality but also speeds up development by facilitating change and decreasing maintenance efforts.

  • Increase your awareness and get to know a comprehensive view of testing which reflects its various dimensions. This is essential to understand the extent, importance, and criticality of testing for project success.
  • Get to know that quality must be built-into the architecture; it cannot be tested in later.
  • Get to know best practices in testing leveraging software architecture.
  • Become familiar with the fact that the software architect must be actively involved in different testing activities.
  • According to "Unit testing" define "Architecture Testing" as any testing of architecture and architectural artifacts.
  • Get to know that the software architect must cooperate closely with the test manager to define, motivate, drive, and enforce a comprehensive understanding of and attitude to testing and quality in the whole team.

The tutorial will be lecture based including interactive discussions in the group, reflections, demos, and exercises.

Audience: Researchers, Practitioners, Managers
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