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T41. Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Solution Development

Tony Shan, IBM

Tony Shan is a renowned expert and technology visionary working in the computing field for 20+ years with extensive experience and guru-level knowledge on systems designs, architecture engineering, portfolio rationalization, product development, process standardization, and SDLC. He has directed the lifecycle design and development of large-scale award-winning distributed systems on diverse platforms. In addition to dozens of top-notch refereed technical publications, he has co-authored over 10 books on next-generation technologies. He is a frequent keynote speaker and Chair/Panel/Advisor/Organizing Committee in prominent conferences/workshops, an editor/editorial advisory board member of IT research journals/books, and a founder of several user groups and forums.

This tutorial presents a comprehensive service-oriented cloud computing solution development framework, which is a pragmatic approach to helping facilitate sustainable design and transformation practices in migrating conventional n-tier online systems to a service-oriented cloud computing paradigm. This holistic framework comprises three integral components: 1) Key Principles and Tenets; 2) Core Methodology and Models; and 3) Best Practices and Disciplines.

The Key Principles and Tenets part copes with the concerns of architecture abstraction, process standard, cross-application framework, and portfolio engineering. The Core Methodology and Models module comprises the Hybrid Enablement, Aggregation, Realization, and Transformation methodology, Enterprise Architecture Realignment model, Service and Industry Patterns, Service Identification, Discovery, and Ensemble method at the enterprise and domain levels, and Services Engineering and Architecting Method. The Best Practices and Disciplines constituent deals with the Reusable Enterprise System Platform & Extensible Component Technology (RESPECT), Service-Oriented Design Accelerator, Stack of Standards, and New and Emerging Technologies.

Real-world examples are provided during the discussion to illustrate the practical values of this overarching framework, resulting from numerous real-life industry projects and engagements.


This tutorial is intended to help the participants learn 1) the fundamental guiding principles of cloud computing, 2) the prominent methods and models, and 3) the patterns and best practice guide to construct service-oriented cloud solutions. The audience will gain insightful views of the best-of-breed standards-based solution to the real-world project problems.


This tutorial will be lecture based in an interactive fashion. Audience is encouraged to raise questions related to their real-world challenges.

Audience: Researchers, Practitioners, Managers, Educators
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