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T20. Domain-Driven Design: Putting the Model to Work

Eric Evans, Domain Language, Inc.

Eric Evans is a specialist in domain modeling and design in large business systems. Since the early 1990s, he has worked on many projects developing large business systems with objects and has been deeply involved in applying Agile processes on real projects. Out of this range of experiences emerged the synthesis of principles and techniques shared in the book "Domain-Driven Design," Addison-Wesley 2004. Eric now leads "Domain Language", a consulting group which coaches and trains teams to make their development more productive through effective application of domain modeling and design.

Large information systems need a domain model. Development teams know

this, yet they often end up with little more than data schemas which do not deliver on the productivity promises for object design. This tutorial

delves into how a team, developers and domain experts together, can engage in progressively deeper exploration of their problem domain while making that understanding tangible as a practical software design. This model is not just a diagram or an analysis artifact. It provides the very foundation of the design, the driving force of analysis, even the basis of the language spoken on the project.

The tutorial will focus on three topics: -The conscious use of the ubiquitous language on the project to refine and communicate models and strengthen the connection with the implementation. -Forging an effective collaboration with domain experts. -Key modeling patterns, such as aggregates, which are often not given enough attention.

The tutorial will include discussion of selected patterns from the book "Domain-Driven Design," Addison-Wesley 2004, and video reenactments of domain modeling scenarios.


Awareness of the fundamental points of DDD at the tactical level in a development project.


Combination of presentation, discussion, and some pattern reading.

Audience: Practitioners, Managers
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