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Panel: Why is software not yet green?

Moderator: Bernd Bruegge, Technische Universität München
Why is software not yet green?
Vivian Loftness, Carnegie Mellon University
Joe Johnson, Cisco
Wolf von Reden, Fraunhofer Institute Berlin
Steve Easterbrook, University of Toronto
Daniel Siewiorek, Carnegie Mellon University

The global climate change is everyday news. Rumors are appearing fast and are often hard to distinguish from facts. For example, it is being said that the use of information technology causes up to 10% of the global carbon foot print. A single Google query is supposedly equivalent to the energy consumption of a 100 Watt lightbulb burning for one hour.

We have assembled a high-class panel of distinguished experts from architecture, wearable computing, software engineering, IT infrastructure and smart grid technologies and asked them to present their views on burning problems and solutions that could be achieved with new software and hardware technologies. Visionary views are encouraged and the audience is encouraged to participate in the discussion. Among other topics, the following areas will be addressed by the panel:

  • E-Energy and smart grid technology
  • Software architectures for green software
  • Usability and wearability of mobile computers
  • Individual mobility vs energy consumption
  • New IT infrastructures
  • Electromobility
  • Sub-metering: Opportunities and problems
  • Business models and economic challenges
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