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Seeding the Clouds

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(Developing, deploying, and managing Cloud Applications)

In the last two years, many Cloud Computing infrastructures have been created and made available to developers.  These infrastructures can provide the foundation for a new generation of applications that are more flexible, easier to implement, and  less costly. The next few years will see the rapid growth of these new applications. However there is only limited experience with Cloud application development and there are many open questions.  To address these Cloud issues; collaboration among new developers, tool suppliers, and experienced implementers will be essential.

The October OOPSLA Conference will have a coordinated set of "Seeding the Clouds" Sessions that will enable interaction among the groups above.  These Sessions include:

Related activities such as demonstrations and Birds of a Feathers meetings may be added later.  Registration at the CloudCamp is free for all. The Workshops and Birds of a Feather are also free to students.

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