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OOPSLA 2009 - Videocast 3 - Cloud Analytics and BigData by Dr. Anant Jhingran of IBM

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Anant Jhingran is well known for leading the technology direction of IBM’s information management division—which includes DB2, Informix, Cloudscape, and Cognos, to name a few. One of the important aspect of any information management portfolio is its analytics capabilities. Nowadays with companies collecting vast amount of data from their Web properties from end users of via social media sites, an obvious growth areas for information management users and vendors is to facilitate fast and appropriate insights from this ever increasing big collection of data. Business Intelligence is not a new field, however, the opportunity to apply such technology has never been more pervasive and for so much and so varied domains and in many ways have never been more challenging...

In this videocast I caught up with Dr. Jhingran at his offices in IBM Silicon Valley Labs to discuss business analytics in a cloud computing world. That is, what is the impact of the cloud on big data? His explanation boils down to a simple equation of pain vs. gain. Dr. Jhingran also discusses how programming-oriented conferences such as OOPSLA have a lot to contribute to the challenges of analyzing big data when companies attempt to extract knowledge. The need for programming tricks and tools go beyond map reduce to scalable data analytics languages with well understood semantics and characteristics as SQL was for relational databases. 


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